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Masked Gazans prepare to launch fire-sparking balloons toward Israel in the Gaza Strip

Israel Strikes Hamas Posts in Gaza Amid Violent Rioting on Border

The Israeli military said it launched new strikes in the Gaza Strip Sunday evening, September 24, targeting “two military posts” of the Palestinian terror group Hamas, which rules the Palestinian enclave. The posts were in Gaza’s Bureij and Jabalya areas.

The strikes, launched using unmanned aircraft, came after disturbances along the Gaza border with Israel turned violent on Sunday. The military announced earlier that it was reinforcing troops along the Gaza Strip border, as tensions rose along the frontier and as incendiary balloons sparked fires in Israel.

Palestinians in Gaza have increasingly returned in recent weeks to the practice of launching incendiary devices tied to helium balloons into Israel. Such fire-starting contraptions have been responsible for numerous fires that have destroyed large tracts of land.

Firefighters said Sunday afternoon they had brought three blazes under control in the Gaza periphery while stating that they were caused by incendiary balloons from the Strip.

On Saturday, the military carried out an airstrike on a Hamas position in the Gaza Strip following the latest riots along the border which included gunfire toward Israeli army forces. The Israel Defense Forces said a drone struck the post, located near the scene of the day’s riots. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we humbly thank You for protecting us from the latest fires and incendiary balloons. We pray that the culprits will soon be arrested and that justice will prevail. We hope that there will be no need for drastic measures onwards and that Israel will be a peaceful country, rid of terrorist organizations and hateful attacks.”