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Protest against Green Pass regulations in front of Prime Minister Bennett's house

Protest at Bennett's House Says 'No to Green Pass, No to Coercion'

A large protest against Green Pass regulations took place Saturday night, December 18, in Ra'anana in front of Prime Minister Bennett's house.

Flyers advertising the event emphasized the backing of "medical teams" and read, "No to the Green Pass, no to coercion."

Reports on social media cited thousands in attendance amid a harsh police force.

Senior Israeli doctor Yoav Yehezkeli, who was present, praised the turnout by medical professionals. "I was last night at a demonstration by medical teams against discrimination and vaccine coercion in the form of the Green Pass. The awakening among medical professionals, who understand that the narrative of the epidemic being marketed to them is mistaken, is heartwarming," he wrote on his Facebook page.

He noted the protest also saw the attendance of "a diverse general audience" comprising "an intelligent public, parents, teachers not opposed to vaccines, who demonstrated for principles and for the benefit of the public and not out of selfish interest, seeking the freedom of the individual and the people."

"Will every variant that arrives (and it will arrive! This is the nature of a virus) entail an unnecessary aggravation of restrictions and another booster for a vaccine that does not prevent infection well?"

"One has to go back to a realistic risk assessment to understand that we are not facing disaster. Even if there is a fifth wave, even if there is an omicron variant: the sickness from the infectious variant is milder, and the health system (again) will not collapse.

"In fact, it is time to declare coronavirus over as an epidemic and return to relative routine: Children are naturally protected from coronavirus and there is no justification for vaccinating them. We know how to deal with fever, runny nose, and sore throat."

"Last night at the demonstration I was filled with pride and hope," he added. "Professionals and the general public in Israel and around the world are waking up to understand that the existing restrictions do not contribute to public health, and the damage is enormous."

"If we desire life, the time has come for the government to wake up and change direction too: abolish the Green Pass, open the skies, focus on the sick, vaccinate the at-risk groups, stop the vaccination of children, stop the unnecessary testing and isolations," he concluded. (INN/VFI News)

“God, we ask that You would bring a swift end to the COVID-19 pandemic.”