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Syrian medical staff take part in a training exercise to learn how to treat victims of chemical weapons attacks

Israeli Airstrikes Targeted Chemical Weapons Facilities in Syria

Alleged Israeli airstrikes in June targeted three chemical weapons facilities in Syria. The June 8 airstrikes that targeted the three military targets near Damascus and Homs killed seven soldiers including a Syrian colonel who worked at a top-secret military lab, according to the report.

The officer, identified as Ayham Ismail, was reportedly stationed at a chemical weapons manufacturing facility in Masyaf as a military engineer.

The alleged Israeli airstrikes, which in the past have targeted pro-Iranian militias – Iranian proxies – based in Syria, were deemed unusual due to their targeting of Syrian military facilities.

The strikes were reportedly part of an Israeli campaign to halt attempts by Syria to restart its production of chemical weapons before any weapons could be made, two intelligence officers told the Post. A strike on an existing stockpile of nerve agents, or nerve gasses, could release dangerous and lethal gasses to nearby Syrian towns and villages in the area.

Israel ordered the airstrikes after intelligence reports suggested Syria was rebuilding its chemical weapons capabilities and after its military successfully imported a chemical that can be used to make sarin gas, four Western intelligence officers said.

Israeli officials declined to comment on the attacks. Syrian officials have denied using or making chemical weapons since 2013. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you advance the cause of peace between Israel and the rest of the region.”