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Marcus Lamb, the CEO and founder of the conservative Christian Daystar Television Network

In Memoriam: Our Dear Friend Marcus Lamb

We would like to take a moment and remember the life of a dear friend Marcus Lambְ, founder of Daystar Television Network. Marcus passed on to glory in the early morning hours of November 30th.

Marcus invited us onto Daystar television as guests many times and was always a gracious host, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and genuinely positive. He was never ashamed of us as Jewish believers and had an incredible love for Israel, not just in words but in his actions as well.

After every visit, we would play golf together and we had a true friendship and bond in fellowship. He always loved to take time and teach me (Barry) along the way. He was kind.

Marcus Lamb will be sorely missed by us and our family from Israel. Let’s continue to hold up the Lamb family in our prayers.

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