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Then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and son Yair in Tel Aviv

Netanyahu Rejects Son Yair’s Hint that Prosecutors Deserve Death Sentence

Prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, December 26, rejected remarks by his son that appeared to suggest that prosecutors be put to death for pressing charges against the elder Netanyahu, though he noted that everyone has freedom of speech.

His statement came a day after Yair Netanyahu said senior prosecutors and police had committed “treason,” the sole crime punishable by death in the Israeli penal code, when they prosecuted his father for alleged corruption.

“I love my son Yair, who is an independent person with his own views,” the elder Netanyahu tweeted. “Although everyone has the right to express criticism, I did not agree with the things he said that were published yesterday.”

Yair Netanyahu claimed Sunday on a right-wing radio station that officials had committed “a willful coup d’état.” “It’s called a coup, it’s called treason, and everyone can look at the State of Israel’s laws and see what the punishment is for treason — and it is not prison.”

The comments from the younger Netanyahu, who has a history of making incendiary statements, echoed near-constant attacks on law enforcement and the judicial system, as the Likud leader’s backers have sought to delegitimize the cases against him. (TOI / VFI News)

“Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the Lord your God is giving you. ” - Deuteronomy 16:20