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Revealed: Hamas Has Been Spying on Palestinian Civilians for Years - Report

Amid Hamas’s governance of the Gaza Strip, the terrorist organization had also been surveilling and building files on civilians, journalists, and individuals who questioned the government, according to a report by renowned American media from Monday, May 13, that reviewed internal documents taken from raids in Gaza by Israel's military intelligence directorate.

According to the documents, Hamas leaders had been governing the people in a tyrannical manner that did not allow civilians to stray off the course of their rule. It was revealed that security officials would trail journalists and suspicious behavior.

Hamas reported on Gaza residents through a specialized unit, the General Security Service, which functioned as a part of the government and made use of informants throughout Gaza.

According to Israel's military dictate, the files created by the unit contained information on at least 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza, and it is believed that Hamas head Yahya Sinwar was in charge of directly overseeing the unit.

Records reflect that in some cases, authorities followed people to investigate their personal lives, such as to see if married individuals were carrying out affairs. (JPost / VFI News)

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