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A man who evacuated his home warms up next to a fire on a street, in the aftermath of the earthquake, in Aleppo, Syria

Already Devastated by Earthquake, Turkey Faces Increased Threat of Terrorism

As Turkey deals with the consequences of the deadly earthquakes that struck the region on Monday, February 6, another potential hazard looms over the country: the security threat posed by the earthquake’s effect on the Turkish-Syrian border.

“The whole focus of Turkey and its allies is on how to respond to the devastating earthquake and its consequences,” Dr. Hamoon Khelghat-Doost, professor of political science at the University of Lincoln, UK, and Üsküdar University, Istanbul said in an interview.

Turkey’s singular focus on responding to the earthquake could create favorable circumstances for terrorist organizations attempting to penetrate the border.

“All the Turkish state’s capacities are mobilized to address the earthquake-related issues. This is not a moment to be missed by extremist organizations,” Khelghat-Doost said.

“Any event, including natural disasters, that can divert the attention of a nation to a topic other than securing its borders is very much welcomed by extremist organizations such as ISIS.”

Khelghat-Doost noted that the Islamic State (IS) group similarly used the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to reorganize and amass power. (JPost / VFI News)

“You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.” - Psalm 91:5