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An Iranian woman holds a dog as she visits the Pallapet boarding house at Palladium shopping mall in Tehran

Iran’s Regime Slaughters Over 1,700 dogs in Shelter, Sparking Outrage

The Islamic Republic of Iran brutally killed more than 1,700 stray dogs in an animal shelter, according to video footage posted on Twitter by Iranian journalists and human rights experts.

"The [Ali] Khomeinist regime's main reason for incessant killing and promoting the culture of cruelty to animals is another way of depriving the Iranian people of joy or comfort that animals bring to humans,” Iranian-American journalist and human rights expert Banafsheh Zand explained. “It’s the old-fashioned irrational methods of control, imposed by the authorities in the USSR or the Chinese Communist Party.”

Iranian-American human rights activist Marjan Keypour tweeted, “When it comes to Iran, nothing matters. Civil rights leaders don’t care about Iran’s minorities; Western feminists don’t care [about] our women; environmental groups don’t care about our drying lakes & rivers, environment; animal rights activists don’t care [about] Iran’s massacred dogs.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that you protect innocent animals from the evil of people who seek to harm them.”