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One of the new ER robots at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center guides a patient

Tel Aviv Hospital Opens World's Largest Emergency Room

With the participation of Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Yair Lapid, as well as Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz), Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital inaugurated on Thursday, July 28, a new Sylvan Adams Emergency Hospital, which at 8,000m2 stands as the largest ER in the world. It carries the name of philanthropist Sylvan Adams, who donated around $28 million for its establishment.

Opening the event, President Herzog spoke of his appreciation for the dedication of the medical staff, and at his pride on the opening of the new emergency hospital. He thanked Sylvan Adams for his generous support of the Israeli people and said, “You are a true ambassador of the Israeli society.”

Prime Minister Lapid added his thanks and said to Sylvan Adams, saying, “Both of us are children of Holocaust survivors. You were brought up with a strong sense of responsibility for the State of Israel, for the next generation, for its welfare and for its values. Your father, Marcel, of blessed memory, would certainly have been proud of you today. On behalf of the State of Israel, thank you.”

The facility is equipped with the latest technology in patient assessment, enabling patients to self-triage, scanning in their identity documents or medical referral, and checking temperature and blood pressure levels before being assigned to a medical professional for treatment. At each stage, the recording of any abnormal or critical results will immediately alert the medical staff. In addition, the hospital has dedicated sections for care to be provided determined by the patient’s condition and psychiatric classification, a short-term hospitalization department, and it includes the “Maor” Center – a room for the acute care of victims of sexual assault. (INN / VFI News)