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North Korea reportedly persecutes Christians more than any other country around the world

North Korea Reportedly Persecutes Christians More Than Any Other Country

Open Doors US is an organization that tracks the persecution of Christians around the world. This week, the organization released its annual report of 50 countries where Christians experience the most extreme levels of discrimination for their faith.

The number one country where Christians are being persecuted the most is North Korea, and according to the watch list, the country has the highest levels of persecution ever seen. The high score reflects an increase in arrests of Christians and house-churches discovered getting closed.

Somalia reportedly came in second and Yemen came in third. Afghanistan made the ninth spot, and in previous years had ranked higher. Open Doors said fewer Afghan Christians were killed for their faith in 2022, as many left the country or were killed when the Taliban regained control.

Also notable was China, which ranked 16th. The organization said China’s use of digital surveillance technology is adding to persecution and intimidation, and as the tools become more sophisticated, the communist government employed censorship, disinformation and surveillance to gain control over the religious groups.

Open Doors reported that last year, 5,621 Christians were killed because of their faith, and 90% of those deaths were in Nigeria alone. Nigeria ranked sixth on the list, and the organization noted that the increase in violence in the country has only caused more Christians to lose their lives over the last five years.

"I would emphasize again, persecution of Christians is now a global phenomenon, and it requires a global response," Pearce said. "I urge each of us to do what we can to be alongside them, to pray for and support them, and to use the influence we have to speak up for their right to live out their faith." (FN / VFI News)

“But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.” - Matthew 10:33