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Mohammed Ali Abtahi, vice-president of Iran between 1997 and 2005

Israel Has Drastically Damaged Iran’s Intelligence Operations, Iranian Officials Say

Israel has deeply infiltrated and drastically shaken Iranian intelligence operations in recent months, a senior Iranian official said.

A report published on Wednesday, June 29, cited the recent ousting of the intelligence chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the secret arrest of a senior commander accused of spying for Israel as examples of the growing levels of distrust in Iran.

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former vice president of Iran who lives in Tehran and still maintains close ties with top officials, told the newspaper that Israeli operations had seriously damaged trust within the country’s security establishment.

“The security breaches inside Iran and the vast scope of operations by Israel have really undermined our most powerful intelligence organization,” he said.

“The strength of our security has always been the bedrock of the Islamic Republic and it has been damaged in the past year,” Abtahi said, telling the newspaper that the Iranian defense establishment would now be looking for a new approach.

The report said that unnamed Iranian officials also admitted that “Israel’s spy network has infiltrated deep into the rank and file of Iran’s security circles.”

Israel has allegedly stepped up its attacks on Iran’s nuclear program in recent months.

Israeli officials told the Times that this was a deliberate tactic to expose failures by the IRGC, generating conflict between Iran's political and defense establishments. (TOI/ VFI News)

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