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The scene of a shooting attack near the entrance to Jerusalem

Four Killed in Hamas Shooting Attack in Jerusalem

Four people were killed and four other people were wounded in a shooting attack at the entrance to Jerusalem on Thursday morning, November 30, according to emergency services.

Among those murdered in the attack was Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, 73, who served as a rabbinical judge in the rabbinical court in Ashdod, according to Religious Services Minister Michael Malchieli. Chana Ifergan, 67, the principal of Beis Yaakov Bnot Hadassah in Beit Shemesh, was also killed in the attack.

Livia Dickman, 24, of Har Nof, was named as the third victim. Yuval Doron Castelman from Mevaseret Zion, an attorney who would have turned 39 the day after the attack, was mortally wounded by friendly fire while responding to the incident from the other side of the road.

Two other people were seriously wounded in the attack, and two more were in light to moderate condition. According to police, two terrorists from east Jerusalem carrying an M16 and a handgun arrived at the Givat Shaul junction near the entrance to Jerusalem on Thursday morning and began firing at civilians at a nearby bus stop.

The two terrorists, Murad and Ebrahim Nemer were shot and killed by security forces and a civilian who was at the scene, including an IDF soldier who was heading back to base after being on a break from service in Gaza.

Murad was imprisoned in Israel from 2010-2020 because of his intention to carry out terrorist operations in Gaza; his brother, Ebrahim was imprisoned in 2014 due to terrorist activity. Hamas announced as well that the two terrorists were part of the terrorist movement, saying that the attack came as a “natural response to the occupation’s unprecedented crimes.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray for the families of the Israelis who were killed in the terrorist attack and we ask that You bring them comfort and peace. We offer our heartfelt condolences to them and we pray that no more Israelis will die at the hands of terrorists. We pray that our forces will thwart any attack planned by the terrorists.”