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A missile is launched during the annual military drill, dubbed “Zolphaghar 99”, in the Gulf of Oman

Iran's IRGC Rolls out New Missiles, Naval Supply Ships

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is increasing its naval power, according to Iranian reports. Images of newly equipped fast boats, as well as a new support ship, were broadcast on Thursday morning, March 9.

The IRGC, which runs its own branch of Iran’s navy, will receive almost 100 new patrol boats and a large “ocean liner”-style support ship, which was converted for naval needs, the reports said.

This expands Iran’s ability to threaten countries in the Gulf and project power at sea. Iran basically has two navies – an official one and one under the IRGC. Iran has been trying to expand its relatively small naval power in recent years, even sending ships on long-distance voyages to Russia and South America.

The reports about Iran’s new missile-capable and drone-launch-capable missile boats goes back to at least 2020, when an online defense media company reported that Iran had received 112 missile-launching boats.

The Iranian reports of the newly equipped ships come while Iran continues to send weapons to the Houthis in Yemen. The US and UK navies have interdicted some of these shipments. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we hope that we are always able to defend our country and ensure the safety of our people. We ask for protection from other nations, regardless of their ambitions, capabilities, or malevolent plans.”

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