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PALESTINIAN GUNMEN on the streets of Jenin

Palestinian Authority Issues Warning to Gunmen Amid Rising Tension after Jenin Operation

The Palestinian Authority has issued a stiff warning to unruly gunmen in Judea and Samaria, saying it will “cut off the hand of anyone who tries to tamper with the security and stability” of the Palestinians.

In a statement on Monday, July 17, the PA Ministry of Interior, which is in charge of the Palestinian security forces, said in a statement: “The Ministry affirms its full commitment to implement the directives of President Mahmoud Abbas to work continuously to implement the rule of law and provide security and safety for our people.”

“We warn anyone who seeks to harm the security of Palestine and its people.” The warning came amid rising tension between the PA and some armed groups in the aftermath of the large-scale Israeli military operation in Jenin Refugee Camp earlier this month.

The groups claim that the PA security forces have arrested several gunmen over the past few days as part of a larger campaign to end the phenomenon of “resistance” against Israel. The PA, however, said it arrested a number of “outlaws” who participated in an attack on a Palestinian police station near Jenin.

On the first day of the operation, PA security forces arrested two gunmen, Murad Malaisheh and Mohammed Barahmeh, as they were on their way from the village of Jaba’, near Jenin, to take part in the fighting against Israeli troops in Jenin Refugee Camp.

In response, several gunmen attacked the PA police station in Jaba’ with gunfire before setting it on fire. No one was hurt. Jenin’s PA Governor Akram Rajoub described the suspects as “outlaws” and revealed that they belong to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Fatah. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that you would stop those who seek to destroy Israel and we ask for peace and security in our country. We pray that You would give our leaders wisdom on how to handle the situation and develop plans to keep our people safe.”