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Georgian national flag waves at half-mast outside Tbilisi

Georgia Stops Iranian Attempt to Assassinate Israeli

Georgia foiled an Iranian plot to assassinate an Israeli residing in the country, its State Security Service said Tuesday, November 15.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force orchestrated the plan to kill Itzik Moshe, a businessman who also worked to advance Israel-Georgia relations, with a number of teams from different countries, it said.

One team of assassins from Pakistan have ties to al-Qaeda and arrived in Tbilisi to gather intelligence on the target. Another was arrested two weeks ago and found with weapons and ammunition, as well as other incriminating evidence. In addition, Georgian authorities arrested two dual Georgian-Iranian citizens on charges of smuggling weapons from Turkey to the assassins.

The teams received instructions from an Iranian citizen named Mohammad Reza Ebadi Arablu, who worked in the past for the Quds Force in Georgia. His boss is Ali Feyzipour, of the Quds Force, who works on terrorist attacks around the world, the State Security Service said.

The hiring of Pakistani and Georgian citizens for the assassination attempt is a part of an Iranian pattern of using foreign terrorist fighters to try to cover its tracks.

“Thanks to the actions of Georgian security forces, the plan was revealed and the threat was removed,” an Israeli security source said. “After the plot was uncovered in Georgia, their security forces worked with the Israeli intelligence community.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for protecting us against imminent attacks and for alerting other nations to assist us in times of need.”

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