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Commanders of Iran's Elite Overseas Unit Revealed

An intelligence source recently revealed part of a detailed report on Unit 400, which consolidates Iran’s extensive overseas terrorist activity and is part of the Quds Force, which is directly controlled by the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Part of the report reveals some of the Iranian operatives who are behind these efforts:

1. Ali Reza Tajiq. An Afghan-Iranian citizen. Born in 1991. Works in Quds Force Unit 400. Tajiq was involved in a failed attack in Georgia in 2022 and, since then, has been under international surveillance.

2. Hosein Rahmani - born in 1979. Operative in Quds Force Unit 400. Rahmani is actively involved in enlisting Afghans.

3.Hosein Rahban- DOB: August 23, 1977. He was revealed in the past to have been in charge of the team that attempted to carry out a terror attack in Georgia and has since then been under surveillance.

4. Hamed Abdullahi — commander of the unit for approximately a decade. Responsible for failed terrorist bombings in Thailand and India.

A London-based, Iranian opposition-affiliated newspaper revealed that Quds Force Unit 400 of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps was responsible for the 2022 failed assassination of Itzik Moshe, an Israeli citizen in Georgia who established an Israel advocacy group in Europe. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we pray that You protect us and all citizens of the world from terror. We pray that You continue to equip us with strong and discerning defense forces that can detect and thwart potential terrorist attacks. We thank You for making the names of such terrorists known to us so that our forces can actively search for them.”