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Ahead of Rafah Operation: Egypt's Warning to Hamas

Egypt has delivered a message to Hamas warning that it has only two weeks to reach a prisoner exchange agreement. According to American media, should the organization fail to reach an agreement, Israel will begin a large-scale ground offensive into the Rafah region in southern Gaza.

According to the report, Egypt is exceptionally worried about the possibility that tens of thousands of Gazans will attempt to cross the Egyptian border when the operation begins.

In light of this, Egypt has established multiple fortifications on its northern border and clarified to Israeli officials that any operation in Rafah must be limited in its scope, as further escalation is likely to endanger the agreements between Israel and Egypt.

Earlier, Hamas warned that an Israeli offensive into the city would mean the collapse of any negotiations for a prisoner exchange agreement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was formulating a “detailed plan” to evacuate civilians from Rafah in southern Gaza even as a victory against the Hamas terrorist organization in the city is “within reach” in an interview with American media.

Four Hamas battalions are currently holed up in Rafah, along with hundreds of thousands of Gazans who fled the fighting in other parts of the coastal enclave. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we pray that You will bring a swift end to this war and that You will intervene so all hostages will be released quickly. We pray that peace will be restored in our region. May You shine Your blessings upon us today and every day.”