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Iran Recruiting British Muslims to Spy on Jews: Report

Iran is recruiting British Muslims on pilgrimages to the Middle East to spy on Jews and dissidents in the UK, British media reported. According to the report, IRGC recruiters are approaching British Shiite Muslims visiting religious sites in both Iran and Iraq.

These individuals are then told to return to the UK and gather information on prominent British Jews or Jewish targets. The report was confirmed by both Israeli and British officials to a British news outlet.

Some of those returning to the UK spy on British-based Iranian dissidents. The outlet also quoted an Israeli official as saying that since the October 7 massacre, there has been a higher-than-usual number of warnings to the UK regarding potential attacks by Iranian sources or their proxies.

“We do not know the scale of Iranian agents inside Europe and the UK, but all it takes is for one to slip through the net,” one source said.

According to experts, some Iranians studying at British universities as international students are also spies. The UK’s Home Office said, “The UK will always stand up to threats from foreign nations. We continually assess potential threats.” (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we ask that You protect all of our people regardless of their country of residence. We pray that You extend Your merciful hand over them so that no harm comes to them or their families. May You cancel the plans of the ones scheming and thwart any potential attacks. We thank You for Your provisions and the discernment with which You equip our defense personnel.”