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Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant

Israeli Defense Minister: 'Dozens' of UNRWA Staff Took Part in Hamas’ October 7 Massacre

Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant says Israel has new evidence that dozens of individuals employed by the UNRWA were directly involved in the atrocities carried out against Israeli civilians on October 7, American media have learned.

In a briefing last week, Gallant said that the country knew that “dozens” of UNRWA staff were involved in the Hamas-led massacre. While he declined to give a specific figure, Gallant said it was a far greater number than the 12 employees already acknowledged – and dismissed last month – by the organization.

Calling UNRWA “Hamas with a facelift,” the defense chief, who is a member of Israel’s war cabinet and considered the highest-ranking official after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that it was time for the world to “dismantle UNRWA” and create an alternative mechanism for providing aid to civilians in the war-stricken Gaza Strip.

“I think the world needs to wake up and address this issue in a different way, while also addressing Gaza’s needs,” Gallant told the American news outlet. “UNRWA is a group of terrorists who receive salaries from many countries – these countries gave money to people who raped, murdered, and took people into captivity,” he added.

Since the first allegations, at least 19 donor countries, including the US, froze their funding to the organization. On Tuesday, February 6, the House Foreign Affairs Committee voted 30-19 to advance a bill to permanently cut all US aid to UNRWA in response to the allegations. (FN / VFI News)

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