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Third of Israelis Hold a Stronger Belief in God Since October 7, Survey Finds

Israelis have become closer to God and Judaism in the past four months, a survey found. According to a comprehensive survey conducted by Lazar Research for Israeli media, 33% of Israelis have reported a strengthened faith in God since the October 7 massacre by Hamas and the subsequent war.

The study, spearheaded by Dr. Menachem of Lazar Research in collaboration with Panel4All.co.il, an internet respondent panel, aimed to gauge the religious sentiments among Israelis in these turbulent times. The survey, which was done on February 5-6, drew responses from 512 individuals, providing a representative sample of Israel’s adult Jewish community.

A stark division in the responses was noted. A significant portion of the population, 33%, affirmed that their belief in a higher power has been fortified; conversely, a small fraction, 8%, felt their faith wane, while the majority, 59%, reported no change in their spiritual stance.

The analysis further delved into demographic nuances, revealing that faith reinforcement was notably more pronounced among traditionalists, with 44% affirming strengthened beliefs compared to 16% of secular respondents. Age also played a critical role, with younger participants more likely to report a bolstered faith.

The practical expressions of the respondents’ strengthened religious faith were primarily prayers (63%), conversations with God (59%), and the recitation of Psalms (45%). The increase in prayers was especially characteristic of respondents aged 60+ (73%); conversations with God were reported at relatively high rates by secular respondents (64%), Sephardic respondents (65%), and respondents aged 45-60 (60%). (JPost / VFI News)