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UK and Canada Might Stop Selling Weapons to Israel

Britain, which is considered an ally to Israel, has declared that it will no longer sell weapons to Israel unless Israel allows Red Cross personnel to visit the Nukhba force terrorists being held prisoner for carrying out the October 7 massacre.

The ultimatum comes on the background of Hamas’ continued refusal to allow Red Cross personnel to visit the Israeli hostages. David Cameron, the British Foreign Minister, told Israel that if the demand is not met, Britain will support an embargo on arms sales from all of Europe.

The British, who have been leading the fight for Israel to allow the visits to the captured terrorists, claim that Israel is violating international law and must allow the Red Cross to visit them.

Canada also plans to halt arms sales to Israel, its Foreign Minister Melanie Joly told Canadian media after the Canadian Parliament passed a non-binding motion that called on the government to do so. Her statement was confirmed on Tuesday, March 19, by the Foreign Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Robert Oliphant.

“We will continue to advocate for a ceasefire, we will continue to not sell arms as we have promised and continue to make sure that we bring hostages back to their homes,” Oliphant told the parliament in Ottawa during a question and answer session. (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we ask that the Israeli hostages be granted visits from the Red Cross and we pray that the world’s eyes will be opened to see that terrorists and hostages do not fall into the same category. We pray for Your justice to be done and for the quick release of the hostages in Yeshua’s name.”