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IDF troops

Hamas Launched Attack on IDF Troops from Nasser Hospital

Earlier this week, a launch was identified toward IDF troops operating in northern Khan Yunis. IDF systems show that the launch was carried out from within the Nasser Hospital.

“The Hamas terrorist organization systematically operates in Gaza’s hospitals and nearby areas, using civilians as human shields and exploiting hospital infrastructure including electricity and water,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated.

Ahmed Kahlot, the director of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabalya, Gaza, confessed to the Shin Bet that the Hamas terrorist organization used his hospital as a military facility. During his interrogation, Kahlot describes how Hamas uses hospitals for military purposes, including hiding its operatives, carrying out military activity, moving around Hamas members, and even bringing a captured soldier to the hospital.

“They hide in hospitals because for them a hospital is a safe place. They won’t be targeted when they are inside a hospital,” Kahlot said. He said that he was recruited into the Hamas terrorist organization in 2010. “I know 16 employees in the hospital - doctor, nurse, paramedic, or clerks… who also have different positions in al-Qassam.”

“There are offices where the Hamas leader and two of the senior officials were. There’s a place where the soldier was in (the kidnapped soldier). There’s a place for the interrogators, internal security, and special security. All of them have private telephone lines inside the hospital.”

He added: “They [Hamas] have a private ambulance, even its color and the way it’s painted are different, and it doesn’t have a license plate. They used it to transport the soldier [kidnapped] and transport bodies… It didn’t assist us with transporting the injured.” (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for the elimination of the Hamas terrorist organization. We trust that You will help us eliminate its terrorists and stop its operations for good. We pray for a peaceful Israel where all citizens can live without fear, have all the means to prosper, and continually choose to praise You.”