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IDF Soldiers

13,000 Residents, More than 2,500 Soldiers Wounded in the Israel-Hamas War

From the start of the war against Hamas, 13,000 Israelis, including more than 2,500 soldiers, have been wounded. This was reported by Health Minister Uriel Bosso to the Knesset Health Committee on Monday, January 8.

Committee chairman Yonatan Mashriki said that the budget for rehabilitation of the wounded will be increased from 900 to 1,500 beds with a real increase of about NIS 2 billion to the budget of the four public health funds. The budget for resilience centers to treat people with psychological trauma is also being increased by NIS 180 million, and what they do with the money will be monitored.

Bosso added that the plan for mental health has been budgeted for NIS 2b. to strengthen the community, especially in the periphery. The multi-year hospital bed plan includes an addition of about 2,300 until 2028.

Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov praised medical personnel and their heroism during the fighting and emphasized plans to promote human capital, prevent chronic disease, and boost infrastructure technologies and the availability and quality of services.

Meanwhile, Israeli media recently reported that 25 Hamas terrorists, who were captured alive since October 7 and needed medical treatment, were evacuated and have received treatment in hospitals in Israel. According to the report, in some cases, Hamas terrorists were lying in beds near IDF soldiers who were also injured in Gaza. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for guiding our leaders into allocating funds wisely and prioritizing Israeli citizens’ mental and physical health. We are extremely grateful for our dedicated healthcare workers and we trust that the public health system will become even more robust and accessible from now on. We pray for everyone who is currently wounded while fighting terrorism and we hope that they will recover as soon as possible and feel Your grace and mercy.”