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Calling for the release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza

At Least Third of Hostages in Gaza at Immediate Risk of Death, Report Warns

At least a third of the 136 hostages remaining in Hamas captivity suffer from chronic illnesses, each at immediate risk of death, according to a report published Tuesday, January 9, by the Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum.

The testimonies from those who have been released from captivity reveal severe cases of both mental and physical abuse. “This includes brutal sexual assault, which also affects men, mutilation, torture, enforced starvation, and dehydration,” the report says.

“On top of that, there is a lack of medical care and denial of access to Red Cross representatives. With each day that passes, the health and lives of all the hostages, both men and women, are increasingly at risk.”

According to the report, about a third of the Israelis remaining in Hamas captivity are dealing with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, osteoporosis, anemia, asthma, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, hypertension, and other conditions.

For instance, Dolav Yehud, 35, is grappling with kidney disease and thyroid issues. Youssef Alziadna, 53, suffers from diabetes and hypertension, while Omer Wenkert, 22, suffers from ulcerative colitis. Michel Nisenbaum, 59, has Crohn’s disease and desperately needs consistent treatment, including intravenous therapy.

“Without treatment, he faces severe complications and an immediate threat to his life,” the report states. “The hostages are held in conditions of poor nutrition and inadequate hygiene, affecting everyone, but especially those with complex medical backgrounds and specific nutritional needs. One infant, Kfir Bibas, and one toddler, Ariel Bibas, are at risk of death or severe complications if they do not receive nutrition that meets their specific dietary requirements,” states the report. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for the well-being and health of our hostages. We humbly ask that You take care of them and provide them with the nutrition and medical aid they deserve so they can survive the horrifying conditions they are forced to live in. We pray that the Red Cross will be granted access to them and that they will be rescued soon and brought back home.”

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