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UN Aid Agency Members Supplied Hamas with RPGs, Took Israeli Woman Hostage, Damning Intel Finds

The UN aid-agency staffers who took part in Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel included some who actually killed and kidnapped Israelis — with a teacher doubling as a terror commander, a damning new dossier says.

Survivors of the attacks have described how some staff members at the UNRWA were “involved in actual murder — wielding guns and killing people,” said David Bedein, of Israel’s Center for Near East Policy Research.

“People under attack recognized their attackers,” said Bedein, who told Jewish media that some of the staffers killed children in front of their parents during the slaughter. Seven of the 12 known UN employees-turned-terrorists worked by day as elementary and high-school teachers, according to reports by outlets that obtained the Israeli dossier given to the US.

Israeli officials said they tracked the movements of UN aid workers on the day of the attack, using phone records and phone calls — and found that six were directly involved in the terrorist wave that attacked Israel on October 7. A UNRWA social worker also gave out ammo, coordinated vehicles — and toted the body of a dead Israeli soldier back with him to Gaza, according to Israeli intelligence.

They said at least one staffer was told by text message to bring rocket-propelled grenades he kept at his house with him, dossier said. The staffer-terrorist was eventually killed in the conflict.

In addition, a school counselor from southern Gaza teamed up with his son to abduct a woman who became one of the more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas that day, according to the dossier. Other findings included a math teacher/Hamas terrorist who snapped a photo of a female hostage and a UNRWA staffer who established an operations room for the Islamic Jihad the day after the massacre, the report said. (NYP / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that You help deliver justice for all the victims who have been abused, attacked, kidnapped, and murdered by Hamas. We ask that all the assailants get caught and receive just punishment for their crimes. We pray that such barbarities will never take place in Israel again, but that You and our defense forces will thwart all potential terrorist attacks onwards. We thank You for blessing our forces with strong guidance and mental clarity during these trying times.”