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Rep. Brian Mast, US Congressman for Florida’s 21st District

US Congressman Introduces Bill to Disband UNRWA

Rep. Brian Mast, US Congressman for Florida’s 21st District, has introduced a bill to disband the UNRWA. “Anti-Israel protestors can yell ‘liar’ all they want, but the truth is this: The US-funded UNRWA enabled the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust,” Mast wrote on X, Wednesday morning, January 31.

“I am proud to introduce a bill to disband the Hamas-tied UN agency and transfer all responsibility to Refugees.” ‘Refugees’ refers to UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency.

Economy Minister Nir Barkat is headed in the same direction, advancing legislation against UNRWA. The new legislation states: “The UNRWA will not operate any facility, provide any service, or carry out any activity, directly or indirectly, within the sovereign territory of Israel.”

Further, after the revelations about the UNRWA staffers, Dem. New York Rep. Ritchie Torres accused “the international community” of cutting “a deal with the devil” in a series of tweets:

“UNRWA, long funded by your tax dollars, has been governing Gaza at the behest of Hamas so that Hamas, which sees governing as a distraction, could dedicate itself to murdering Jews in Israel. That the international community would cut a deal with the devil (i.e. Hamas) is so scandalous and shocking in its stupidity that it leaves one speechless.” (INN / VFI News)

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” - Proverbs 18:24