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Names and positions of Hamas officials killed by the IDF in Gaza

IDF: Thousands of Hamas Terrorists Killed

Israel announced on Sunday, December 10, the identities of several Hamas officials that IDF forces have killed in Gaza. According to IDF figures, more than 3,500 targets have been attacked in Gaza since the temporary ceasefire with Hamas ended on December 1, and over 22,000 targets have been attacked since the war began.

The IDF said that about 7,000 terrorists had been killed in the two northernmost governorates of Gaza. The Hamas-governed Health Ministry in Gaza says that about 18,000 Palestinians have been killed since the war began.

Having focused on the north of the strip during the first phase of the war, IDF soldiers are pushing south, operating in several Hamas strongholds, including Jabalya, Shejaia, Beit Hanoun, and Khan Yunis.

Further, on Saturday, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said in his press briefing that terrorists who were interrogated by the IDF revealed that the operatives on the ground are in a difficult situation and that the Hamas leadership, led by Yahya Sinwar, “denies the reality despite being updated on the details.”

“The operatives complain that the Hamas leadership is disconnected from the difficult situation they face on the ground. There is also a growing sense that the underground Hamas leadership does not care about the civilian population above ground. This is very concerning for Hamas’ military operatives,” added Hagari. (JPost / VFI News)

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