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Director Steven Spielberg

Shoah Foundation Founded by Steven Spielberg Launches Project to Document ‘Unspeakable Barbarity’ of October 7

The USC Shoah Foundation which was founded by director Steven Spielberg in 1994, has begun collecting video testimonies of the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against Israelis on October 7, to add to the collection of Holocaust survivor and witness testimony.

Spielberg is not directly involved in the effort but spoke out strongly in support. “I never imagined I would see such unspeakable barbarity against Jews in my lifetime,” Spielberg was quoted as saying by the foundation, which holds the world’s largest video collection of Holocaust survivor and witness testimony.

Speaking to American media about the effort, Spielberg expressed shock at the violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists against Israelis, along with the wave of antisemitism around the world in the past two months.

“I find it very, very surprising because antisemitism has always been there. It’s either been just around the corner and slightly out of sight, but always lurking, or it has been much more overt, like Germany in the 30s,” he said.

The US-based organization is now collaborating with production teams in Israel to collect witness accounts of the massacres on October 7. Spielberg believes that the effort will “ensure that the voices of survivors will act as a powerful tool to counter the dangerous rise of antisemitism and hate.” (TOI / VFI News)