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Yale University

Yale Students Threaten Hunger Strike If Anti-Israel Demands Are Not Met

Anti-Israel students at Yale University are threatening to go on a hunger strike if the school does not commit to divest from weapons manufacturers “contributing to Israel’s assault on Palestine” by Friday morning, they warned in a letter to the university’s president.

“If these demands are not met by the morning of 4/12/2024, we will go on a hunger strike,” the students wrote to President Peter Salovey. “We will risk our bodily health and well-being in ways that mirror only a fraction of the absolute devastation that Palestinians are suffering right now until you do. Yale’s complicity in genocide must end.”

In the wake of Israel’s war against Hamas for brutally massacring more than 1,000 people on October 7, the letter calls the United States the “empire that is funding the military conquest and colonization of Palestine” and accused the university’s investments of profiting “from this mass ethnic cleansing.”

“Our existence in this University and this country are ones defined by necropolitics,” the students continued. “Our lives here exist as they do because of the investment in the deaths of Palestinians by Yale and the US government.”

The students claimed they “exhausted every mode possible” of making their voices heard without the university making the changes they requested. The students cite various conferences, talks, meetings, and protests that they say failed to elicit a response from the administrators. (DW / VFI News)