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Fires Rage in Northern Israel After Hezbollah Barrage from Lebanon

Following several heavy barrages from Lebanon on Friday afternoon, May 10, fires erupted in Northern Israel, according to Israeli media.

The fire broke out mainly in the wooded area and in the dry vegetation on a high ridge. Due to the heat and dryness that prevailed on Friday, the fire ignited quickly and spread. Extinguishing the fire during these hours is particularly difficult due to the mountainous terrain’s darkness and route.

Two weeks ago, media had reported on the concern raised by the standby unit in Kibbutz Yaraon about the expected fires and the difficulty of dealing with them because the firefighters do not have permission to reach the fence’s settlements.

The Kiryat Shmona municipality spokeswoman updated on Saturday evening that five alarms were activated in the city before Shabbat after dozens of rockets were fired at the city. “At this stage, we know of several hits in the city. Much damage was caused to property and infrastructure, as well as vehicles. No injuries have been reported.”

In response to the damage, the IDF struck Hezbollah targets in Southern Lebanon. Fighter jets destroyed five military buildings alongside another military position used by Hezbollah, from which launches were made to the north of the country. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for protecting us from the viciousness of Hezbollah’s operatives and we pray that You will restore everything that was lost during the fires. We pray that You stop everyone who has evil intentions towards our nation, lead them to repentance and correction, and establish peace in the Middle East, in Yeshua’s name. May all future generations live harmoniously and peacefully in the land You have given our people, and may the thoughts the evil one plants in the minds of the enemies be taken captive and become immediately rejected.”

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