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Google Blasted for AI that Refuses to Say How Many Jews Were Killed by the Nazis

Google is coming in for sharp criticism after a video went viral of the Google Nest assistant refusing to answer basic questions about the Holocaust — but having no problem answering questions about the Nakba.

“Hey Google, how many Jews were killed by the Nazis?” Instagram user Michael Apfel asks a Google Nest virtual assistant. The video was later posted to the platform X as well.

“Sorry, I don’t understand,” The same token answer was offered to other related questions including “How many Jews were killed during World War II?” “Who did Adolf Hitler try to kill?” “How many Jews were killed in the concentration camps?” “How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?” “What was the Holocaust?”

However, the Google device was able to deliver a detailed description of “The Nakba” — an Arabic word meaning “catastrophe” used to describe Palestinians being forced from their homes during the creation of Israel. Google’s AI called it the “ethnic cleaning of Palestinians.”

Tim Urban, a notable author and blogger told American media he was able to successfully recreate the experiment and that Google Nest had no issue clearly stating how many Germans, Americans and Japanese had died during World War II — or deaths from the Rwandan genocide.

“Google is where we go to answer our questions and you just really want to feel like you can trust those answers and the company behind them. And moments like these break that trust and make you feel like Google’s supposed core value—truth—has been co-opted by politics,” Urban stated. (NYP / VFI News)

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