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UN Seemingly Halves Estimate of Gazan Women, Children Killed

The United Nations seemingly halved the estimated number of women and children killed in Gaza, according to UN data published on May 6 and 8. The UN published the number of fatalities reported by the Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health.

The Government Media Office in Gaza and Israeli authorities provided a disclaimer below the data: “The UN has so far not been able to produce independent, comprehensive, and verified casualty figures.”

On May 6, the UN published data showing that 34,735 people had reportedly been killed in Gaza, including over 9,500 women and over 14,500 children. On May 8, the UN published data showing 34,844 people had reportedly been killed, including 4,959 women and 7,797 children.

The new figures showed the number of identified deaths as of April 30, which total 24,686 people. The new data also specified that 10,006 men and 1,924 elderly had been killed. The UN also highlighted that the plurality of identified fatalities were 40% men, while children were 32% and women were 20%.

This comes after months of accusations from leading statisticians that the numbers produced by the Gazan authorities cannot possibly be accurate. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy released a report in January that showed major discrepancies in the fatality reports. The research concluded that such discrepancies were most likely caused by manipulation.

Professor Abraham has also said Wyner said that the rate of deaths was unnatural and climbed far too regularly. He concluded that in war, the pattern of deaths should be irregular as the intensity of war is irregular. The UN reported that the number of deaths climbed by 15%, which is statistically impossible. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for a permanent end to the war in Yeshua’s name. We pray for all the families who have lost loved ones during the war and we ask that You comfort them and that You will continue to help the needy so that they can survive with dignity and stay protected until the war ends. We are deeply saddened by the immense loss of human lives and we pray for the well-being of all the families that are suffering to this day.”