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Heathrow Staff Wearing pro-Palestine Badges 'Harassed' Israeli Passengers

Heathrow staff wearing pro-Palestine badges “harassed” Israeli passengers and subjected them to “degrading treatment.” Passengers complained that they were targeted after staff noticed the Israeli flag on their luggage and were “shunted” into a separate room.

When passengers asked why they were being treated differently, staff reportedly told them that as customs officials they could do whatever they wanted.

The complaints have prompted a Home Office investigation by their professional standards unit. This comes after two Israeli survivors of the Nova Music Festival attacks were “detained for two hours” at Manchester Airport earlier this year.

The passengers arrived at Heathrow on an El Al flight from Ben Gurion airport and were passing through the airport at 10.30 pm when a customs official noticed the Israeli flags on their bags. The officers ushered the whole group into a separate room for checks and the travelers said their luggage was scanned.

The Home Office is now investigating the incident as staff wearing political badges is in contravention of both the airport’s uniform policy and the Equality Act 2010. (DM / VFI News)

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