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village of Al-Auja

Jordan Valley Shooter Arrested

The terrorist who carried out the shooting attack in the Jordan Valley last week was arrested in the village of Al-Auja.

Israeli media reported that he turned himself in to the IDF force that was operating in the village of Al-Auja as part of the hunt for him on Sunday, March 31. He was then transferred to Shin Bet for further investigation, according to the IDF.

The terrorist who carried out a shooting attack on Route 90 and wounded three Israelis was identified as Abu Rida al-Saadi, a member of the Palestinian Authority security forces.

On Thursday, he had opened fire on a school bus and several vehicles traveling along Route 90 in the Jericho area. He wore a mask and had managed to flee the scene. (INN / VFI News)

“When anyone becomes aware that they are guilty in any of these matters, they must confess in what way they have sinned.” - Leviticus 5:5