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'Soon It Will Be Too Late': Iranian Opposition Activist Urges US to Strike Iran

Iranian Opposition Leader and former political prisoner Vahid Beheshti told the Middle East Forum in Congress on Thursday, March 28, that the US should strike the Iranian regime now before Iran acquires nuclear weapons.

“The Iranian regime is weak, it’s a paper tiger,” said Beheshti. “The Iranian regime created 18 proxies around the region, but my message to the US is not to spend your time fighting proxies, aim for the head of the octopus. Israel knows that they are not fighting Hamas solely, they are fighting Iran. Without Iran, Hamas wouldn’t have survived a few weeks.”

“90% of the Iranian people are against the regime. The moment Americans and their allies hit the Iranian regime, the people of Iran will rise up and finish the job,” he added.

Beheshti, who addressed Israel’s Knesset in January, told Congress that the massacre and hostage-taking during Hamas’s October 7 attack was inspired by the Iranian success in gaining access to significant funds by releasing the Islamic Republic’s Western hostages.

“For four decades, the Iranian regime has taken our people hostage, forcing the West to sit around the negotiating table to provide the funds that they need,” Beheshti explained. “Three weeks before October 7th, the current US administration released $6 billion in exchange for five hostages. Of course, they will push Hamas to take 250 hostages, imagine what they can get for that many hostages.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray in Yeshua’s name that You dismantle the current authoritarian regime in Iran so that all of its additional proxies will not be able to terrorize our people and wreak havoc in the Middle East any longer. We pray for stability and peace in our region, and for Your wisdom to reach our allies and enable them to make the best decisions regarding these matters.”