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Hostages held by Hamas

Nearly One-Quarter of the Hostages Are Dead: Israeli Intelligence

Renowned American media reported on Tuesday, February 6, that Israeli intelligence believes that more than nearly one-quarter of the hostages who were kidnapped during the Hamas massacre of October 7 and are still being held captive in Gaza are dead.

An internal assessment conducted by the IDF bumped up the hostage count from 132 to 136, with intelligence officers estimating that 32 of the 136 hostages who remain in Hamas custody have died, leaving just 104 still alive. An additional 20 hostages may also be dead, though this is still under investigation.

According to the officials who spoke with the American news outlet, most of the hostages who died were killed on October 7 and did not die throughout the subsequent war. The families of the 32 hostages have reportedly been informed of their loved ones’ deaths.

Meanwhile, the IDF announced on Wednesday that it found a second round of Hamas hostage cages underground in Khan Yunis. In this case, there were cages for 12 hostages, nine of which are still held by Hamas, and three of which were returned to Israel during the November 23-30 hostage exchange deal.

On a positive note, the Council of Paris unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to grant honorary citizenship to all hostages held by Hamas, on Thursday. After the vote, council members stood and applauded the families. All party leaders, including the Communist Party and the Radical Party of the Left, voted in favor and demanded in their speeches the immediate release of all hostages. (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for the families of the hostages who died during the massacre and while in captivity. We ask that You provide them with Your comfort and peace which is beyond understanding. We pray for the hostages who remain in Hamas’s lairs and we hope that an agreement will soon take place, allowing the immediate release of all hostages. We thank You for the French leaders who did their part in assisting our hostages.”

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