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Yair Lapid

Senior Israeli Official to US: The Iranians Refused the Agreement, Don't Insist on It

A very senior Israeli political official said on August 20 that Israel is holding a very intensive dialogue with Western powers regarding the nuclear talks with Iran and is sending a clear message on the matter.

According to the official, the message conveyed to the leaders of the countries is that the Europeans have sent Iran a final offer, which does not meet the principles to which the Americans committed themselves, and stated that this offer would be a matter of "take it or leave it".

The source noted that "Iran refused the offer, so it's time to get up and leave. Anything else sends a strong message of weakness."

He added that "now is the time to sit down and talk about what to do next to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The IAEA report from the end of May claims that Iran does not provide reliable explanations on the open cases, something that should turn on a bright red light in the international community." (INN / VFI News)