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Tel Aviv Leads List of Cities in Israel with the Most Diverse Cuisine

A study by food delivery company found that Tel Aviv was the most diverse city in Israel in regards to dining options.

10bis discovered which city had the largest variety of culinary options within their most populous 5km radius, finding that Tel Aviv had 58 different cuisine options – compared to 43 for Haifa, 41 for Jerusalem, and 32 for fourth-place Netanya.

While Tel Aviv had the most options within a 5km radius, they also had by far the most restaurants – nearly 1,400, compared to 647 in Jerusalem and 374 in Haifa.

While Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants were the most common in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, many cities had stunningly different results. For instance, the most common cuisine type in Netanya was Italian, while in Bat Yam, the most common type of restaurant served Japanese food.

In Israel overall, the most common type of cuisine was Mediterranean and the second most common cuisine in Tel Aviv is Middle Eastern while ranking third was American, fourth Italian, and fifth was Japanese.

In regards to global rankings, New York and Paris tied for the most culinary-diverse cities, with 82 unique cuisines in a 5km radius. Barcelona, London, Moscow, and San Francisco rounded out the top five list, while the least diverse cities were Kuwait with just two types of cuisine within a 5km radius, Porto-Novo in Benin (3), and Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad (3). The most commonly-served cuisine globally was Italian.

10bis analyzed a total of 4 million restaurants around the world while conducting this study. (JPost / VFI News)

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