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Second Israeli Soccer Player Detained in Turkey over Support for Hostages

Eden Kartsev was detained on Monday night, January 15, by Istanbul police after being reported for a social media post in which he showed solidarity with the hostages in Gaza. Kartsev was released after giving a statement and is expected to return to Israel.

He reposted an image from another account which marked 100 days since the hostages were taken by Hamas with the hashtag “BringThemHomeNow”, according to a Turkish state broadcaster. He plays for Istanbul’s Bashakshehir F.K., which has announced that he will be investigated for “violating the sensibilities of the country” and may receive disciplinary action.

Karsev is the second Israeli player in the Turkish league to be detained by police and vilified in Turkish media, with the event happening the same day compatriot Sagiv Yehezkel was suspended from his club, Antalyaspor, and detained by Turkish police.

This has been amplified by Turkish President Erdogan’s decision to side with Hamas against Israel, leading to a complete freezing in relations between Israel and Turkey.

Meanwhile, it has been reported by Israeli media that Israel and Qatar have included the transfer of life-saving medicine to the hostages in the Gaza Strip during a last round of talks. After more than 100 days, medications for asthma, diabetes, nearsightedness, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, and endocrine diseases are expected to be transferred and reach the hostages. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for the protection of the Israeli soccer players in Turkey. We ask that You help them decide on their soccer career in Turkey and bring them back to Israel safely. We also pray against any other antisemitic activity against Israelis and the Jewish people around the world and we ask for Your supernatural protection over them.”