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Opposition leader Yair Lapid

Lapid: These 6 Hamas Leaders Must Die

Opposition leader Yair Lapid said during the weekly Yesh Atid faction meeting on Monday, October 30, that he intends to support the government in any decision that will bring the hostages held by Hamas back home.

“I conveyed a message to the government, by virtue of my position as the head of the opposition, that we will fully support every decision and every step and every price that will lead to the return of the abductees home. At the same time, we need to take painful steps to make sure they return home,” Lapid stated.

He also defined the goals of the war and stated that all of Hamas' top leaders - including those outside Gaza - must be eliminated. He added, “The political echelon defined the goal of the war as the elimination of Hamas' military infrastructure. I agree, of course, but to that must be added the elimination of the Hamas leadership.”

“The State of Israel must not stop and must not let go until we kill six people: Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, Ismail Haniyeh, Saleh al-Arouri, Khaled Mashal, and Marwan Issa. All six must die. Until they die, Israel will not have avenged the murders of Be'eri and Sderot, Kafr Aza, and Ofakim. Until they die, the Middle East will not understand that we are not messing around.”

Meanwhile, in a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich is asking not to transfer funds to the Palestinian Authority from the taxes that Israel collects for it, due to its actions and support of Hamas in Gaza. He stated that these funds are used in actions against the State of Israel and its citizens. (INN / VFI News)

“The Lord said, ‘Surely I will deliver you for a good purpose; surely I will make your enemies plead with you in times of disaster and times of distress.’ “ - Jeremiah 15:11