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Awad Darawshe, a paramedic, murdered by Hamas terrorists

Hamas also Slaughters Muslim Israelis

The Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel on October 7 did not kill only Jews. The terrorists also murdered and kidnapped scores of Muslim Israelis, including members of the Bedouin community.

The first wave of Hamas’s attack hit a music festival at Kibbutz Re’im which had an estimated 3,500 young people in attendance. The medical staff was ordered to flee along with everyone else. Awad Darwashe, 23, an Arab-Israeli paramedic, remained behind, refusing to abandon the wounded. “I speak Arabic. I think I can manage,” he said.

Perhaps he thought the terrorists would not harm a fellow Muslim Arab. He was wrong. Hamas mercilessly beat, humiliated, abducted, and murdered their fellow Muslims, including Darawshe as he was bandaging the wounded. After Darwashe was murdered, his ambulance was stolen and driven into the Gaza Strip.

Abed al-Rahman Alnasasrah, 50, was also murdered by Hamas terrorists when he attempted to rescue people from the music festival. He was married and a father of six children.

Fatima Altallaqat, 35, from the Bedouin village of Ar’ara, was also murdered, while working with her husband near the city of Ofakim in southern Israel. She was a mother of nine children, the eldest nine years old and the youngest six months. Her brother said that Hamas terrorists shot 40 bullets into her.

Her husband, Hamid, recounted: “We’re a religious Muslim family and she wore the traditional headdress of a devout woman. It is inconceivable they [Hamas terrorists] could not see who was inside [the car]. They were five meters away from her as they passed.” (INN / VFI News)

“God, we pray for the Muslim families who lost their loved ones to Hamas terrorists. We are horrified by the crimes that were committed against them and we offer our sincerest condolences to the mourning families. May You bring them comfort and stop once and for all Hamas’ and other proxy organizations’ heinous killing sprees.”