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IDF troops operate in Jabalya, in the Gaza Strip

IDF Eliminates 2 Hamas Commanders Integral in October 7 Attack

The IDF eliminated a Hamas commander who was responsible for the attack on IDF soldiers in Operation “Protective Edge” in 2014 during which Oron Shaul was kidnapped, and for directing the attack on Nahal Oz on October 7, the IDF Spokesperson said on Saturday, December 2.

The commander was identified as Wissam Farhat, head of Hamas’s Shejaiya Battalion. In 2014, Farhat commanded Hamas terrorists in an attack on an armored personnel carrier in the Shejaiya neighborhood, killing seven soldiers, including Oron Shaul, whose body was taken by Hamas and has been held in Gaza since.

Farhat also helped plan the Hamas massacre on October 7, sending the Nukhba terrorists who targeted Kibbutz Nahal Oz and the Nahal Oz outpost. The Hamas commander was also one of the terrorists who planned a deadly attack against a pre-military school in Atsmona in Gush Katif in 2002 and an anti-tank fire that targeted a bus in 2011 and killed an Israeli child.

Furthermore, the IDF announced on Sunday that following IDF and ISA intelligence, an IDF fighter jet struck and killed Haitham Khuwajari, the Commander of Hamas’s Shati Battalion. Under his command, Hamas terrorists carried out raids into Israeli territory on October 7.

Khuwajari also secured Hamas terrorist activity in the Shifa Hospital and was in command of Hamas’s forces fighting against IDF soldiers in the Shati area. In addition, he was responsible for carrying out numerous acts of terror against Israelis. (JPost / VFI News)

“When the people saw him, they praised their God, saying, ‘Our God has delivered our enemy into our hands, the one who laid waste our land and multiplied our slain.’” - Judges 16:24