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A Palestinian walks through the destruction by Israeli bombing in Gaza City

Israel Strikes Over 400 Terror Targets in Gaza Since Friday, IAF Carried out 10,000 Airstrikes Since War Began

Since Friday, December 1, the IDF struck over 400 terror targets throughout Gaza. On Friday night, IAF fighter jets struck over 50 targets in the area of Khan Yunis. In addition, IDF troops struck terrorists and Hamas infrastructure in the area of Beit Lahia using tank fire and directing aerial strikes.

The troops carried out artillery fire and directed aerial strikes in the northern Gaza Strip. These strikes included a strike by an aircraft on a terrorist cell that was ambushing IDF troops and a strike by a fighter jet on a mosque used by the Islamic Jihad as an operational command center.

Among IDF’s other targets were a weapons storage compound and terror infrastructure used for the renewal of Hamas’ terror capabilities.

Moreover, Israeli Navy troops carried out a targeted operational activity in the Khan Yunis marina and Deir al-Balah in the southern Gaza Strip, during which they struck Hamas military targets using precise munitions, as well as striking infrastructure and equipment used by the Hamas Naval Forces.

Meanwhile, the IDF announced on Sunday that since the beginning of the war, approximately 10,000 airstrikes have been carried out under the guidance of IDF soldiers on the ground in short time frames. Air Force Commanding Officer Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar stated that “the ability to utilize the area dimension during the ground operation is something formidable that we’ve dreamt of for years.” (INN / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for granting us a strong military and tireless and efficient defense personnel. We are grateful that they can act quickly and work diligently towards the elimination of terrorism in our country. May You bless them and the work of their hands while protecting the defenseless and putting an end to the suffering in Israel.”

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