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Mahmud Sabih, a senior Hamas terrorist

IDF Eliminates Senior Hamas Engineer

The IDF on Friday, October 20, eliminated Mahmud Sabih, a senior Hamas terrorist who served as a senior engineer and unit head in Hamas’ projects and development department, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

The department operated to increase Hamas' weapons capabilities, exchanging knowledge with terrorist organizations across the Middle East, it added. Mahmud Sabih operated to facilitate the transfer of information for Hamas in the production of weapons and UAVs, said the IDF.

Earlier, overnight Thursday, the IDF struck over a hundred operational targets belonging to Hamas, including an underground tunnel, weapon warehouses, and dozens of operational command centers. During the strikes, Amjad Majed Muhammad Abu 'Odeh, a Hamas naval operative who took part in the massacre of Israeli civilians in southern Israel, was also killed.

In addition, a terror squad belonging to the Hamas aerial array was neutralized in a targeted strike on Gaza City, after they attempted to fire rockets at a jet. The forces also destroyed terror assets and weapons located in a mosque in the Jabaliya neighborhood, which was used as an observation post and staging ground by Hamas terrorists. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we pray for a quick resolution of the dire situation in Israel. We ask that You bring justice to all Hamas members so that they can be punished for their heinous crimes. We pray that our defense forces will manage to fully eliminate this organization shortly, and all its proxies and re-establish peace and security in the Middle East.”