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Smoke rises after Israeli airstrikes, of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

IDF: Hamas Is Losing Control of Northern, Central Gaza Strip

Approximately 750,000 Gazan residents are moving to safer grounds in southern Gaza, amid indications that Hamas's control over the northern and central regions of the territory is waning, according to Israeli media.

The IDF has been dropping leaflets advising residents not to get caught up in the conflict and to leave for safer areas. Human shields are a growing concern for Israel, with reports stating that Hamas plans to use the remaining 350,000 residents in the northern part of Gaza as shields, in a bid to forestall a ground invasion and offset ongoing air raids.

The number of Hamas rockets fired so far in the war is more than 7,000, and the IDF has targeted thousands of terror sites in Gaza and dozens in Lebanon. There have also been numerous incidents of anti-tank fire, rockets, mortars, and small arms fire from Lebanon.

Preparations for a potential ground invasion are underway, with IDF forces targeting strategic Hamas infrastructure. High-rises, suspected to house command centers, have been demolished, necessitating additional precautions against sniper threats from elevated positions.

In the past few days, Israel struck 320 Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip and also struck a terrorist cell in Lebanese territory, along with an anti-tank missile launch post overnight. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray for an end to all hostilities occurring in Israel. We ask that You assist our defense forces in eliminating the terrorist organizations that have been wreaking havoc in our country. We pray that this will happen in the least compromising way and with minimal losses.”

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