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Protesters wave flags as they attend a pro Palestinian demonstration in London

London Police Report 1,353% Rise in Antisemitic Hate Crimes Since Hamas Onslaught

Antisemitic hate crimes in London have soared amid the Israel-Hamas war, the British capital’s Metropolitan Police force said Friday, October 20.

The Met, the UK’s biggest police force, said there had been 218 antisemitic offenses in London between October 1 and 18, compared to 15 in the same period last year, a rise of 1,353 percent. The force added that Islamophobic crimes had also increased from 42 to 101 during the same period, up 140%.

Antisemitic crimes have also increased internationally; a hateful vandal scrawled the abhorrent message, “Kill the Jews” on the wall of a Manhattan subway station last week, alongside what appears to be a misshapen swastika.

Further, a Detroit synagogue president, Samantha Woll, was found stabbed to death outside her home in the downtown area of the city on Saturday morning.

Additionally, a document published Friday morning by the Palestinian Authority's religious affairs department, and revealed by the research departments of Kol Yehudi and the Regavim movement, details a series of instructions and messages for Friday sermons, including sentences from the Sharia Law, among them the anti-Semitic hadith inciting the murder of Jews:

“The hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them, until the Jew hides behind the stones and trees and the stones or trees say, 'O Muslim, O servant of Allah, this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” (TOI / VFI News)

“Those who hate me without reason outnumber the hairs of my head; many are my enemies without cause, those who seek to destroy me. I am forced to restore what I did not steal.” - Psalm 69:4