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Iran Threatens 'Obliterating War' if Israel Attacks Hezbollah in Lebanon

Iran warned Israel of an “obliterating war” if it embarks on a military ground campaign in Lebanon against Hezbollah, as regional alarm grows over the prospect of a third Lebanon war.

“Albeit Iran deems as psychological warfare the Zionist regime’s propaganda about intending to attack Lebanon,” Iran’s mission to the UN wrote in a post on X, “Should it embark on full-scale military aggression, an obliterating war will ensue. All options, [including] the full involvement of all Resistance Fronts, are on the table.”

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded on Saturday night, June 29, saying, “If Hezbollah does not cease its fire and withdraw from southern Lebanon, we will act against it with full force until security is restored and residents can return to their homes.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant toured the northern border on Friday after returning from a trip to Washington, where he met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Washington had hoped that a Gaza ceasefire and hostage deal would open the door to a diplomatic resolution, but as that kind of an arrangement has remained elusive, the possibility of a third Lebanon war has grown. “We are not looking for war but we are ready for it,” Gallant told IDF soldiers. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we thank You for gifting us resilient people - leaders and soldiers who are committed to protecting our vulnerable state. We pray that a war with Lebanon does not erupt but that the attacks from Hezbollah stop entirely and that the heated situation is diffused for the sake of all the civilians. In Yeshua’s name, we pray, amen.”