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A Google building at the company's campus in Mountain View, California

Google’s Developer Realized Its AI Was Sentient When It Denied Israel as a Jewish Country

A Google developer was recently fired for revealing that the tech giant’s AI bot had a mind of its own. The trigger that made him realize that the technology was sentient was a joke it made about Israel not belonging to any religion.

In a recent interview former Google developer Blake Lemoine explained how he arrived at the conclusion that Google’s AI system, LaMDA was sentient and how a witty response about Israel being run by a philosophy based on a science fiction movie.

As part of the process, Lemoine would continually challenge artificial intelligence with nuanced questions that a robot would have a hard time answering. He discovered that the software has a disturbingly good sense of humor, which set off red flags. One example he gave was when he challenged the bot to a quiz regarding what religion matches what country or region. When asked about Israel, the software didn’t provide a definitive answer or a guess but instead made a joke, a “funny” one at that, according to Lemoine.

Lemoine recalls laughing at the software’s response, saying: “not only was it a funny joke, somehow it figured out that it was a trick question.” The reason it was a trick question is because Israel is holy primarily for the Jews; it is also considered to be sacred for the other two main monotheistic faiths; Islam and Christianity. (I365N / VFI News)

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