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Fire Occurred at Iranian Secret IRGC Missile Base

A fire erupted in an IRGC facility in Iran on Sunday, September 26, leaving two dead and one injured. On Thursday, September 30, Tel Aviv-based ImageSat International (ISI), a commercial servicer for satellite images, estimated that the facility was not just any military compound, it was a secret missile base.

It is still unclear why the fire erupted on Sunday.

A series of explosions and fires have hit industrial sites across Iran, including a number of petrochemical plants, in recent months and over the past year.

Iranian officials have referred to most of the cases as incidents or accidents, although some reports have claimed that at least some of them involved foul play.

The aging infrastructure in Iran has also been blamed for at least some of the incidents. Frequent blackouts have plagued Iran recently amid a heatwave. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we ask that You protect Your children from Iranian harm.