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A woman burns a piece of paper in front of the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm

Sweden: Woman Burns Sheet of Paper Instead of Hebrew Bible in Stockholm

A Swedish woman who had been granted permission to burn a Hebrew Bible outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm on Friday, July 28, decided against the act. Instead, the 50-year-old woman burned a blank sheet of paper and stated it was a “symbol of the Swedish system that is empty of content.”

This marks the second time in two weeks that a planned burning of a Hebrew Bible was eventually abandoned. The previous activist who made such a request backed down and did not go through with the Torah burning, saying the real reason for the protest was to draw attention to the difference between freedom of speech and offending other ethnic groups.

Israeli authorities on Thursday had denounced the granting of permission to burn a Hebrew Bible for a second time in Stockholm. Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said, “I’m appalled by another threat to burn a Torah in Sweden. Threats to harm holy books and Torahs must stop.”

Minister of Aliyah and Integration Ofir Sofer criticized the plans as well, saying, “I strongly condemn the intention to burn the Torah, which is so holy to the Jewish people. This is a shameful event that cheapens the sacred value of the book and critically harms the Jews in the entire world.” (INN / VFI News)

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